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October 8, 2017

Corporate Workshop – Burnout Prevention and Peak Performance


Corporate Workshop Peak Performance Amsterdam Den Haag


Work process

Busy professionals deal with challenge, adversity, change, and stress on a daily basis, yet many don’t have the tools they need to withstand these challenges resiliently.  Resilience is the capacity for stress-related growth.  Decades of research shows that resilience is made up of a bundle of skills that can be taught and practiced.

Hiring employees is an investment for the future of the Company, what will happen when this asset is affected by the High level of Stress and Burnout?

Research has shown that work stress and complex working patterns can cause severe damage to the physical and mental health of employees. As many as 90% complain about burnout and another 60% about general stress and anxiety disorder. There is a growing awareness among companies and organizations to tackle these problems and increased efforts to root them out.

Indeed, these high Percentages are causing problems in the daily life of the employees and the productiveness of Companies, sometimes with serious legal consequences.

In our Corporate Workshop, the employees and Managers will learn all they need to know to detect stress and burnout, and how to manage them both on the personal level an organizational, in different kind of situations with specific attention to the dynamics of the Work-flow. Significantly gaining in work quality level and production, decreasing the unproductive stress, preventing the burnout in a pro-active way.

Anxiety is the emotion of fear for a perceived future threats, real or unreal; and the Burnout is the developed Anxiety in some area of our life like work, family, relations, etc.

Anxiety is a negative circle of thoughts, and we entirely know its patter and the way people can learn to stop it.

Indeed, in our workshop, the participant will have some advantages, as:

  • Avoiding the emotion of Anxiety preventing the Burnout;
  • Understanding better the patter of the Burnout and how to avoid it;
  • Participate in specific Group exercises;
  • Obtaining fast results working with Others;
  • Improve Communication Skills;
  • Learning the Good Practices to work efficiently, achieving better results decreasing stress;
  • Improving solving problems Skills;
  • Developing a better Work-Flow style of Life;
  • Managing better the deadlines, the expectations, and the pressure;
  • Improving Team Working and organizational skills.

The Corporate Workshop helps companies in the prevention of the Burnout of their employees, improving the quality of Work-flow and their results.

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The Functional Communication

In any Company communication is the key factor, but often its process isn’t clear and disorganized causing Anxiety and frustration with the consequence of low quality on the job and more stress for the team leaders and other employees.

This Kind of communication is the basement of the Anxiety, released to the personal judgment and evaluation of work concerning expectations, and one of the leading factors for the Burnout.

In our Workshop, the team leaders and other employees can learn how to manage it, discovering the power and the efficiency of the Functional Communication Skill.

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Doing Better in Less Time

Anxiety doesn’t produce Peak Performance.

The idea that Anxiety is helpful in work is 95% wrong!

More we will be calm, and more we will be able to do a great job.

Instead, calm doesn’t mean unproductive or unfocused: it is precisely the opposite:

Calm means aware: more we will be aware, more will be productive!

To arrive at the Peak performance, our Brain needs time and an increasing focusing period: the Anxiety works in the opposite ways, reducing our attention and blocking the process increasing focusing.

When our Brain arrives at the Peak performance, it will maintain it, with the consequence of the improved quality of work with a significant saving time: doing better in less time!

Indeed, to shut down the hyper-activation of the Amygdala system, we will show to you how to train the Executive Function of your Brain, gaining in focusing, working memory, planning, solving problems: making a step forward in personal life and career.

In our Corporate Workshop, we teach the best way to obtain fast and better results in less time.

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Risk Assessment for Burnout in International Work Environment

Burnout it’s an acute condition that derives from chronic emotional stress at work. Researchers have characterized burnout as a state of exhaustion, ineffectiveness, cynicism, and reduced personal fulfillment. A recent European opinion poll showed that about a half of workers consider the problem with work-related stress to be common in their workplace. Among the most frequently mentioned causes of work-related stress are job reorganisation or job insecurity, working long hours or excessive workload, and harassment and violence at work.

Nowadays risk assessment in companies is a standard practice mainly in the corporate governance, strategy, responsibility and sustainability, operations and engineering, IT  and determining potential unknown risks is part of the process. Many recent surveys showed that psychosocial risks are believed to be more challenging and more difficult to manage than ‘traditional’ occupational safety and health risks. Therefore, there is a need for raising awareness and simple practical tools facilitating dealing with work-related stress.

Business leaders can prevent the productivity-crushing effects of burnout from plaguing their companies making first a psychosocial risk analysis, monitor signs of burnout and identify vulnerable employees before their mental and physical wellbeing is affected.

We provide psychosocial risk assessment for burnout in international companies to evaluate workplace health  and the psycho-physical condition of the employees through validated self-report questionnaires, cognitive tests and when necessary clinical  interviews. The outcome is an individual report for each employee, a risk report for the company and recommendations for interventions to deal with burnout risks.

Assessment is made of:

  • OPRA, Organizational and psychosocial risk assessment, multi factorial questionnaire
  • Org-EIQ-ENOrganizational-Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire
  • BFABig Five Adjectives
  • GPP-IGordon Personal Profile-Inventory
  • OSIOccupational Stress Indicator
  • SCL-90-RSymptom Checklist-90-R
  • STAIState-Trait Anxiety Inventory
  • STAXI-2State-Trait Anger Expression Inventory

The risk assessment aims to:

  • encourages to implement additional, voluntary measures to promote mental well-being;
  • ensure employers and shareholders that workplace risks are properly assessed and controlled;
  • workers and their representatives have the best understanding of the problems that can occur in their workplace;
  • Involving them will ensure that the measures put in place are both appropriate and effective.

For more information take a look to our Risk Assessment for Burnout service page.


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Other Info

  • Duration of the Workshop sessions is 90 minutes;
  • Any Workshop session has own subject addressed by Psycho-education and Practical Exercises;
  • The Workshop address the following subjects:
    • The negative circle of Anxiety;
    • Being in the Present;
    • The Peak Performance;
    • The Burnout and the Sabotage;
    • Functional Communication Skill;
    • Listening or Mirroring;
    • Styles of Attachment I;
    • Addressing the fears;
    • Testing the Darkness and expression;
    • The Real Trigger;
  • Anyone can participate, previous experiences are not necessary;
  • The Seminar could be followed for any time you need because any Workshop session is ever unique;
  • The cost of the Workshop depends by the needs of the Company and it is evaluated by hours;
  • The Corporate Workshop can be conducted in Company or in our Workshop spaces;
  • Seminars are conducted by our Team of Functioning Psychology Studio and Functioning Coach;
  • The Workshop is conducted in the English Language.

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