Risk Assessment for Burnout

October 8, 2017

Risk Assessment for Burnout in Companies

Risk Assessment for Burnout in Companies

Burnout is an acute condition that derives from chronic emotional stress at work. Researchers have characterized burnout as a state of exhaustion, ineffectiveness, cynicism, and reduced personal fulfillment. A recent European opinion poll showed that about a half of workers consider the problem with work-related stress to be common in their workplace. Among the most frequently mentioned causes of work-related stress are job reorganization or job insecurity, working long hours or excessive workload, and harassment and violence at work.

Nowadays risk assessment in companies is a standard practice mainly in the corporate governance, strategy, responsibility and sustainability, operations and engineering, IT  and determining potential unknown risks is part of the process. Many recent surveys showed that psychosocial threats are believed to be more challenging and more challenging to manage than ‘traditional’ occupational safety and health risks. Therefore, there is a need for raising awareness and simple, practical tools facilitating dealing with work-related stress.

In Europe, 25% of workers say they experience work-related stress for all or most of their working time, and a similar proportion reports that work affects their health negatively.

Business leaders can prevent the productivity-crushing effects of burnout from plaguing their companies making first a psychosocial risk analysis, monitor signs of burnout and identify vulnerable employees before their mental and physical wellbeing is affected.

We provide psychosocial risk assessment for burnout in international companies to evaluate workplace health and the psycho-physical condition of the employees through validated self-report questionnaires, cognitive tests and when necessary clinical interviews. The outcome is an individual report for each employee, a risk report for the company and recommendations for interventions to deal with burnout risks.

Assessment is made of:

  • OPRA, Organizational and psychosocial risk assessment, multifactorial questionnaire
  • Org-EIQ-ENOrganizational-Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire
  • BFABig Five Adjectives
  • GPP-IGordon Personal Profile-Inventory
  • OSIOccupational Stress Indicator
  • SCL-90-RSymptom Checklist-90-R
  • STAIState-Trait Anxiety Inventory
  • STAXI-2State-Trait Anger Expression Inventory

The risk assessment aims to:

  • encourages to implement additional, voluntary measures to promote mental well-being;
  • ensure employers and shareholders that workplace risks are adequately assessed and controlled;
  • make workers and their representatives aware of the problems that can occur in their workplace;
  • raise the quality of working conditions according to the Article 151 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union
  • define appropriate and effective prevention and treatment measures.

Method: 3 hours questionnaires administration at workplace or our studio


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